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Curation Services

 Tailored curation services for your China-related events, roundtables and other service offerings vis-à-vis your stakeholders.

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Curation Services

Understanding that China’s distinct development trajectory and socioeconomic ambitions can have far-reaching implications for European and Swiss actors in politics, business, academia and the broader society, we provide clients tailored curation services for their China-related events, roundtables and other service offerings vis-à-vis their stakeholders. This includes both strategic advisory on what service offering has the most sustained impact in any given situation as well as operational services in the execution of such events.

Possible use-cases:

  • Strategic advisory on China-related service offering (e.g. moderated, closed-door and issue-driven roundtables for XY’s stakeholders)

  • Curating, organizing and moderating China-related events incl. post-event reporting for clients’ stakeholders (e.g. public event series on China)

How to successfully organize a business-relevant conference in China in a policy and complex geopolitical context

CMG has from 22-25 October organized, curated and moderated this year's stars China symposium 2023 in the country's technology hub Shenzhen. This has been an enriching experience, and we feel encouraged by the positive feedback we have received by participants, speakers and partners.


Looking back, we also drew a lot of learnings from curating such a large-scale Europe-China business conference in China from an overseas base. Find here our ABC on what we believe are crucial key ingredients towards a successful conference.


A curation service reference - stars China 2023 symposium (22-25 Oct.)

As co-organizer of the stars China 2023 symposium in Shenzhen (22-25 Oct.) – the first such symposium in China after a four-year hiatus – CMG in collaboration with stars and Caixin Shenzhen delivered a high-level program with 20+ sessions and 3 site visits spread over 4 days in Shenzhen (China) to discuss post-Covid China. The topics covered spanned economy, technology, entrepreneurship, geopolitics, journalism, food security and China’s business environment, presented by 30+ speakers and facilitated by a diverse group of 7 moderators, and officially greeted by the Shenzhen Municipal Government in the person of the very welcoming Director of the Science & Technology Commission, Dr. Zhang Lin.


This year's symposium under the title "Re-Engaging with China – Business Opportunities and Challenges" provided participants a high-level, content-centric and executive relevant program for a deeper and more nuanced understanding of key policy, market and technology trends in China.

Day 1

  • Rendez-vous with China’s Youngest Metropolis

  • China and Aging – Growing Old Before Becoming Rich?

  • China, Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen – Where it is Heading?

  • China post-Covid – Reconnecting with the World, or not?

Day 2

  • Recovery or Recession? China’s Future Economic Trajectory under Pressure

  • Investor state Shenzhen – Chasing Strategic and Policy Impact with Angel Capital

  • Building Business in China: Engineering Meets Entrepreneurship

  • Site Visit 1: Tencent – Towards the Frontier of Tech Innovation

  • Site Visit 2: Having its Customers’ Back – Ping’an P&C’s Industry Leading Approach to Deliver Insurance Protection

Day 3

  • Daring to Win – Case-Study of BASF’s Mega-Investment in Guangdong

  • Being Strategic in China – A Look Inside China’s Food Security and Tech Innovation Opportunity

  • Doing Business in and from China – Success, Realities and Adaptation

  • Site Visit 3: Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) – Intermediating Capital for China’s Aspiring Champions, at Home and Overseas

  • Journalism on China – Recounts and Reflections

Day 4

  • BRI After 10 Years: Status and Prospects – Greener and Transformational?

  • China’s Foreign Policy – the World Through the Lens of Beijing

  • Navigating a More Multipolar World – Where are we Heading?

  • A Wide-Ranging Conversation with Uli Sigg – Art, Diplomacy and Business


Gao Yan.png

GAO Yan, Co-Founder and Principal Architect EPlus Design Group; Adjunct Associate Professor, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Shenzhen, China

Zhang Lin.png

ZHANG Lin, Director, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee; Shenzhen, China


Klaus ZENKEL, Vice President, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC); Chair of the South China Chapter, Shenzhen, China

Peng Wensheng.jpg

PENG Wensheng (彭文生), Chief Economist, China International Capital Corporation (CICC); President, CICC Research Institute, Beijing, China

Xiao Geng.png

XIAO Geng (肖耿), Chairman at Hong Kong Institution for International Finance; Professor of Practice of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen; Founding Director, Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy, Beijing, China


Philippe PRAZ, Swiss Consul General, Guangzhou, China

Jan Rudolph.jpg

Jan RUDOLPH, German Consul General, Guangzhou, China

Wang Dan.png

WANG Dan (王丹), Chief Economist, Hang Seng Bank; Former Chief Economist, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Shanghai, China

Wang Yong.png

WANG Yong (王勇), Academic Deputy Dean; Associate Professor, Peking University, Beijing, China

Chen Mo.jpg

CHEN Mo (陈默), Director, Department of Funds and Projects Management, Shenzhen Angel FOF, Shenzhen, China

Kathy Gong.png

Kathy GONG (龚晓思), Co-founder & CEO, Oneness Labs; Chief Ambassador, Xterio, Beijing, China

Liu Hongjie.png

LIU Hongjie (刘洪杰), Founder, Reexen Technology, AI processors and chips, Shenzhen, China

Zhu Hong.jpg

ZHU Hong (朱虹), Co-Founder, Enabot, Family Robots, Shenzhen, China

HU Josh.jpg

HU Josh (胡晟), Director, Multinational Corporation Business, Europe, Tencent Cloud International, Shenzhen, China

LU Shumeng.jpg

LU Shumeng (卢舒萌), Assistant General Manager, Strategy Development, Tencent Group, Shenzhen, China

Yuan Xiaohui.jpg

YUAN Xiaohui (袁晓辉), Senior Expert, Tencent Research Institute, Shenzhen, China

Liang Xiaoying.jpg

LIANG Xiaoying, Head of Group Business, Ping’an Property and Casualty Insurance Headquarter, Shenzhen, China


SHI Derek, General Manager, Strategy and Development, Ping’an P&C, Shenzhen, China


Joerg WUTTKE, Chief Representative, BASF China; Former President, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC); Member of the Board, Robert Bosch Internationale Beteiligungen; Member, stars International Board, Beijing, China

Matilda Ho.jpg

Matilda HO, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor; Founder and Managing Director, Bits x Bites, Shanghai, China


Francine HADJISOTIRIOU-TERSIGUEL, General Manager, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) South China Chapter, Shenzhen, China

Jayne Plunkett.png

Jayne PLUNKETT, Group Chief Risk Officer, Member, Group Executive Committee, AIA; Member, stars International Board, Hong Kong, China

Joe Zheng.jpg

Joe ZHENG, Head of External Alliance, China Innovation Center, Roche China, Shanghai, China

Chen Feng.jpg

CHEN Feng (陈峰), Director of International Department, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen, China

Hou Linyu.jpg

HOU Lingyu (侯灵钰), Business Lead, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen, China

Wan Fang.jpg

WAN Fang Fiona (万方), European Region Representative, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen, China

Zheng Shirong.jpg

ZENG Shirong (曾诗容), Head, European Market, Shenzhen Stock Exchange V-Next Platform, Shenzhen, China

Fang Kecheng.jpg

FANG Kecheng (方可成), Former Journalist, Southern Weekly; Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Zheng Wei.png

ZHENG Wei (郑维), Senior Correspondent, South China Morning Post (SCMP), Hong Kong

Zhang Jianyu.jpg

ZHANG Jianyu (张建宇), Executive Director, BRI Green Development Institute, Beijing, China

Hao Yufan.png

HAO Yufan (郝雨凡), Director of Global Studies Program; Presidential Chair Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China


Marjut HANNONEN, Head of Trade Section of the Delegation of the European Union to the People’s Republic of China, Beijing

Harley Seyedin.png.jpg

Harley SEYEDIN, President, American Chamber of Commerce in South China, Guangzhou, China


Uli SIGG, Art Collector, Business Leader, Former Swiss Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, North Korea and Mongolia; Member, stars China Advisory Panel, Mauensee, Switzerland


«The China Symposium was very well organized and it unfolded an outstanding program which illuminated the power of the Greater Bay Area, the Chinese economics as well as the political collaboration – all presented by very relevant speakers.»

Stephan Wyssbrod


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