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CMG Europe-China Conference Shenzhen (ECCS)
10-13 November 2024

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At a glance

What it is?

Compact business learning conference curating high-value contextual / macro content for learning and engaging in China to support HQs in times of strategic decision-making regarding China

What it is not?

Business matchmaking, sector-specific program (e.g. medical device)

Target group?

European business/government, ca. 50-70 managers across sectors and functions

Key benefits?

Strategic intelligence, on-the-ground engagement, networking and personal growth

Programming priorities?

Economy/business/entrepreneurship in China, policy, technology, geopolitics and society/culture


Shenzhen, 10-13th November 2024


3 full days, running Sunday noon till Wednesday noon – using 2.5 days of working week, leaving   2.5d for personal business trip domestically in China after conference


EUR 2’750.– per participant (incl. conference, meals and transport, excl. hotel, flights and visa)

Registration deadline?

Mid July 2024

Programming Concept

2024 CMG Europe-China Conference Shenzhen_Inhalt für Subpage (verschoben) Kopie.jpg

3 Full-Days | 4 Programming Pillars

I. Economy and business

• Macro economy and policy reforms

• Foreign business in China

• China’s developmental model / challenges

• Entrepreneurship in China and leadership

II. Shenzhen & technology

• Shenzhen’s vibrant VC ecosystem

• Company visits (e.g. Tencent, BYD, Ping’an)


III. China’s role in the world / geopolitics

• Beijing’s view of the world

• Geopolitics and evolving multipolarity?

• China-ASEAN connectivity


IV. Society and art

• Shenzhen through the lens of architecture

• Journalism in China

• Visit to M+ museum in Hong Kong

Target participants

  • Holding a management position in corporate, investment or public sector

  • Affiliated to a European institution - based in its global, regional (e.g. APAC) or China headquarter

  • In need of compact, relevant and up-to-date strategic intelligence on the Chinese market

Participant’s key benefits

Strategic intelligence

Gain relevant strategic “China intelligence” from diverse lenses incl. market, policy, technology and geopolitics, delivered with high-quality curation and top-speakers



Encounter Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area by visiting leading tech firms, engaging with local entrepreneurs and the European business community


Meet 60+ peers in European business with very diverse backgrounds, KOLs/speakers as well as local contacts to support your future work with and on China



Join this intercultural dialogue exposing you to Chinese viewpoints broadening your horizon, obtain a certificate to confirm your deeper engagement on China topics


Convening in China’s youngest metropolis, a globally competitive economy and tech powerhouse


Greater Bay Area, 20min train from Hong Kong, 2h 20min flight from Shanghai, 3h 25min from Beijing


17.66 M (2022),

compared to 314 K (1979), +5’541%


482 B USD (2023), 3rd city in China after Shanghai and Beijing


Home to tech giants such as Tencent, Huawei, DJI and BYD


Ping An Finance Center


Tencent Global Headquarter

Shenzhen Civic Center and the City’s Skyline

Info Events

CMG Europe-China Conference Shenzhen - Info Event 2

Zoom registration link will follow shortly

ECCS 2024 – participant brochure

Download Summary of the 2024 CMG Europe-China Conference Shenzhen (ECCS) from 10-13 November 2024 including program of last year's symposium

Cooperation partners

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