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China Macro Group strives to be a trusted partner for China strategies and decision-making that seek long-term sustainable engagement and impact in and with China.

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Strategic support

Strategic support

We work with you to bring our policy and market analysis expertise and strategic thinking to augment, refine and challenge your business strategy – we, for instance, review aspects of your business strategy explicitly or implicitly premised on specific policy implementation both as a reality-check but also to detect potential risks and new opportunities. We apply our market analysis approach to help you better consider the structure and dynamics of your concrete market, relevant policy factors such as industrial, trade, S&T or social policies that shape your business environment as well as supply- and demand-patterns, evolving market access liberalizations in your strategy formulation. Further areas for strategic support are cooperation and negotiation concepts, strategies and campaigns of public and governmental affairs (PGA) and corporate communication benefitting from policy context analysis to maximize effectiveness as well as policy and stakeholder context analysis for important single decisions such as on partnerships or acquisitions.

Possible use-cases:

  • BoD updates

  • Regular review of your corporate / BU China strategy 

  • Strategic decisions, and cooperation and negotiations concepts

  • PGA strategies

  • Corporate communications, CSR and investor relations strategies and campaigns

In-depth thematic studies and policy analysis

We conduct in-depth analysis on key political initiatives, policy and market themes, emerging trends or specific policy areas of interest for our client. For this, we establish analytical frameworks, gather information to setup a fact-base or datasets and analyze key measures as well as the resulting changes and impacts on aspects of highest relevance for your needs. Analysis can take the shape of a more comprehensive report or study, as well as in-depth topic or policy briefs. Such studies or briefs can be produced outside-in or in co-creation with internal expertise at your organization.

Possible use-cases:

  • Analysis of emerging trends in China (e.g. green finance)

  • Assessment of policy or regulatory reform effectiveness (e.g. IP regime or energy policies)

  • Local context mapping (e.g. innovation resources for foreign companies)

  • Analysis of evolving foreign policy initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative

In-depth thematic studies and policy analysis

Briefings and intelligence for ad-hoc needs

We observe that operations in China and interaction with Chinese partners in general can benefit from more background or contextual analysis to inform your actions and attitude and thus increase effectiveness and chances for success. We provide briefings and intelligence tailored to your concrete need and context to help you better navigate and understand the at times opaque landscape of public and private actors in China’s policy and business environment. Analysis can focus on actors, their interests, interlinkages with relevant stakeholders, their public image or benchmarking and reviewing of their track record in cooperating with foreign partners. Briefings and intelligence services can also take the form of continuously tracking specific topics or indicators.

Possible use-cases:

  • Regular policy/regulatory or market related monitoring (e.g. decarbonization policy actions)

  • Executive briefings (e.g. on industrial and localization policy for a machinery technology)

  • Stakeholder analysis (e.g. role of Torch Center under the MOST)

Briefings and intelligence for ad-hoc needs

Enablement and operational support

Our highly tailored enablement services encompass engaging operationally in a China-related meeting, business trip or negotiation on your behalf or side-by-side with you as observer, facilitator, mediator or expert as well as coaching of teams or individuals in advance of relevant China engagements on cross-cultural, communication, political and strategic topics.

Possible use-cases:

  • Facilitation and research input for roundtable on China (e.g. trends in China’s IP regime)

  • Mediating on complex or intercultural issues (e.g. discussions between HQ and subsidiaries)

  • Delivering training module(s) (e.g. on China’s evolving development cooperation practices)


Curation Services

Understanding that China’s very distinct development trajectory and socioeconomic ambitions can have far-reaching implications for European and Swiss actors in politics, business, academia and the broader society, we provide clients tailored curation services for their China-related events, roundtables and other service offerings vis-à-vis their stakeholders. This includes both strategic advisory on what service offering has the most sustained impact in any given situation as well as operational services in the execution of such events.

Possible use-cases:

  • Strategic advisory on China-related service offering (e.g. moderated, closed-door and issue-driven roundtables for XY’s stakeholders)

  • Curating, organizing and moderating China-related events incl. post-event reporting for clients’ stakeholders (e.g. public event series on China)


Monitoring Services

We understand China’s evolving business context as a function of complex policy trade-offs towards steering the country to a “high-quality” growth model and continued modernization. These political, policy and regulatory adjustments impact foreign business in often consequential ways. A thorough understanding of key trends and developments is therefore the necessary basis for good business decisions – be they tactical or strategic. We help clients stay on top of the relevant macro and sectoral policy, macro-economic, market/demand, competitive and geopolitical factors that shape their business context. In line with our approach to provide calibrated and rigorously researched insights, in our monitoring services we are committed to delivering optimal value-add to European MNCs with services tailored to client needs.

Our main 4 monitoring service types

  • Strategic business context monitoring: Holistic tracking of China’s top-level policymaking, structural reforms, foreign business sentiment, plus sector-specific policies and market trends as add-ons

  • Sector/market monitoring: Analyze market trends (growth, demand/buying factors, competitive dynamics, product trends, etc.) in combination with relevant sector policymaking

  • Econ/political economy monitoring: Tracking key economic performance indicators in conjunction with cyclical growth policies and Beijing’s more longer-term reform ambitions

  • Geopolitical monitoring: Tracking key geopolitical trends/developments and important signaling events that can forebode challenges, escalations or other risks for business

Monitoring Services
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