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China Macro Group provides original, fact-based and calibrated China policy and market analysis to advise on China strategies, cooperation concepts and negotiations for the European companies and portfolio investors.

China Macro Group (CMG) recognizes the distinct nature of China’s political system and the "socialist market economy" as well as the important role that policymaking plays in China's pursuit of continued socio-economic development towards its stated goal of becoming a modern, technologically advanced, and prosperous country by mid-century.


On the path to this milestone, China's economy and society including the foreign business community will be continuously confronted with a demanding and ever evolving policy environment, given the macro parameters that shall govern China's next development chapter feature inherent trade-offs:

  • The "Dual Circulation" defines the overarching framework for more policy attention to demand-side reforms, while fast-evolving reforms in market governance seek to address the "unorderly expansion of capital" and increase China's financial stability.

  • Transversally and not less important, the drive towards "Common Prosperity" tries to make sure that equality and workplace chances are improved in lockstep with future economic development, to transform China into a middle-class economy.

  • While opening-up continues with broadening formal market access and an active trade policy in Asia Pacific, new geopolitical realities increase China's perceived need for more self-sufficiency and sovereignty across areas such as technology, food, data and energy.

CMG helps its clients understand and navigate these fast-paced developments by providing tailored research and analyses of the ensuing challenges and opportunities. At the heart of CMG’s value-added lies a strong problem-solving capability that translates analyses into co-created and actionable strategies, ranging from general business strategies to specific government affairs engagements.

How does CMG do this?

  • We are fundamentally curious and inquisitive and work hard to gain a better understanding of the "real" motives, drivers and impacts of developments in China.

  • We are analytical and work fact-/data-based, extensively reading primary Chinese sources and using industry-recognized Chinese market databases, in line with Chinese regulations.

  • We are an interdisciplinary team of economists, political scientists and public policy, legal and industry experts, which enables us to look at a question multi-dimensionally.

  • We calibrate China-specific “phenomena” against related (geopolitical) developments especially in the US and EU to refine our findings and be proportionate in conclusions.

  • With our Beijing presence, we are locally present and entertain a network of experts to triangulate our findings and case-specific judgments, thereby being sensitive to China’s specific context for such work.

  • We put ourselves into our "clients' shoes" and make big strides to understand the strategic and operational aspects so we can most nimbly add value with tailored services.

  • Finally, we are - proudly - cross-cultural on all levels of the company and leverage our internal debates to better calibrate our thinking and conclusions.

We have also put together a code of conduct that governs how we serve our clients and interact with our partners and stakeholders, according to the highest standards of ethics, business conduct, and company principles. (CMG Code of Conduct Dec. 2021)

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